Flags of countries in the world

Flag ofNepal Flag
Capital: Kathmandu
Flag ofMozambique Flag
Capital: Maputo
Flag ofQatar Flag
Capital: Doha
Flag ofSouth Africa Flag
South Africa
Capital: Pretoria
Flag ofFinland Flag
Capital: Helsinki
Flag ofPeru Flag
Capital: Lima
Flag ofBhutan Flag
Capital: Thimphu
Flag ofEast Timor Flag
East Timor
Capital: Dili
Flag ofGhana Flag
Capital: Accra
Flag ofAfghanistan Flag
Capital: Kabul
Flag ofLiechtenstein Flag
Capital: Vaduz

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In the trend list are the flags of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, China, Turkey, Ireland and India.

The most famous flags of the world

Flag of serbia flag.
Capital: Belgrade
Flag of south-africa flag.
Capital: Pretoria
Flag of thailand flag.
Capital: Bangkok
Flag of tuvalu flag.
Capital: Funafuti
Flag of uzbekistan flag.
Capital: Tashkent
Flag of austria flag.
Capital: Vienna
Flag of benin flag.
Capital: Porto-Novo
Flag of cameroon flag.
Capital: Yaoundé
Flag of cyprus flag.
Capital: Nicosia
Flag of gabon flag.
Capital: Libreville
Flag of israel flag.
Capital: Jerusalem
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